August 7, 2018 start of the Erie Canal Lock 2

August 7, 2018,
Picked up Katrina II at Lock 1 Marina on Monday afternoon and motored over to the Waterford, NY Visitors Center on the Erie Canal. Spent the night there and left at 7am Tuesday morning to transit Locks 2 through 10 and spend the night in Amsterdam, NY.  Lock 2 had a lot of small silver fish floating in it. The fish were about three inches in length. As I motored out of Lock 2 the engine started to overheat and there was no cooling water exiting the back of the boat (bad thing).  I drifted over to the dock, tied off the boat, and started to troubleshoot the cooling system. here was the problem:

A baby herring got sucked up in the intake pipe of the cooling system and plugged it. The head fell off when I took the picture.
Once the fish was removed and the cooling system put back together, I was made it through locks 3, through 7.  A thunderstorm blew through as I entered Lock 7.  I decided to stay tied up for the night at On the west side of Lock 7 to avoid the the rest of the storms coming through for the late afternoon. I will be in Amsterdam, NY on Wednesday August 8.

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