August 11, 2018 Erie Canal Locks 21, 22, and Oneida Lake, NY

Left Rome, NY the morning of August 11. Passed through locks 21 and 22. Lock 22 brings you to Sylvan Beach which has a nice dock area adjacent to an amusement park. Lots of boaters here on the weekends. Sylvan Beach is at the east end of Oneida Lake. The lake is shallow (34 feet or so) and 20 miles long. The Erie Canal continues on the west end of the lake. When a west wind is blowing hard, the lake develops waves that could reach 6 feet in height. I was told not to cross the lake if the winds were from the west. Today the lake was calm and I was able to cross with no issues. Entering the Erie Canal on the west side of the lake, I tied up at the Brewerton, NY public dock for the night. When the canal was rerouted across Oneida Lake, Brewerton boat building industry began to grow.

Photos: Sylvan Beach, NY and the east end entrance from the Erie Canal to Oneida Lake, NY

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