August 13 & 14, 2018 Erie Canal Locks 23 & 24

Left Baldwinsville, NY the morning of August 13 with a destination of Clyde, NY thirty-nine miles west on the Erie Canal. The weather was overcast, warm, and no wind. It must have been National Fish Jumping Day because Carp fish were leaping out of the water catching insects. The sound was similar to a rock being thrown in the water.  The fish were jumping everywhere all morning except where people were fishing along the banks of the Seneca river. I passed the ruins of the Montezuma Aqueduct. In the late 1800s the old canal at this location actually passed over the Seneca River. Boats and barges floated across the aqueduct from one shore to the other. Some of the structure still stands today on both shore lines.  I passed through locks 25 & 26 and arrived at the public dock of Clyde, NY. When the boat was within two feet of the dock, my depth meter started blaring  a warning that there was only three feet of water beneath the keel. I turned the boat away just as the keel touch bottom. Katrina draws  four and half – feet of water due to her keel. I need five feet of water to keep from hitting the bottom. Of course, the skies opened up at that moment and a downpour of rain commenced to make matters worse.  The next dock was in Lyons, NY nine miles west. I arrived in Lyons, NY after eight hours of motoring and forty-miles behind me for the day. I tied up to a very high concrete wall only to realize later in the night the storm sewer drain was directly broadside to the boat. I had read not to tie up near the drains when it rains. I moved the boat and watch the storm drains gush water the next morning.

August 14, 2018

The Lyons, NY fire department is right near the public dock. The fire house hosts bicyclists and boaters. You can use the restrooms and showers at the fire house. Believe me, these are some of the nicest public bathrooms and showers you can find anywhere. The firemen are pleasant, helpful, and can give you lots of local information. The town of Lyons is known as the birth place of mural mania. Lots of history regarding the changes to the canals  and the locks that cut through the town. Mac’s Philly Cheese Steak Diner has the best breakfast in town. Plenty of historic plaques with photos describing the history of the canal. It rained so hard today that I decided to wait until  the afternoon to leave for Palmyra, NY. Unfortunately my GPS chart plotter had an issue downloading the charts I needed and I ended up having to stay another night. The town has lots of interesting architecture and well worth spending a day or two sight-seeing. Last note, Lyons, NY used to be a major exporter of peppermint oil. People here celebrate “Peppermint Days” in July.


Montezuma Aqueduct ruins


Montezuma Aqueduct ruins
Emergent vegetation noted on marine chart
One of the murals displayed around town
Rent a canal boat and cruise.
Rented canal boat


One thought on “August 13 & 14, 2018 Erie Canal Locks 23 & 24

  1. Hi Rob – what an incredible journey you are on. I am learning so much through your blog. Sounds like you are rally enjoying your trip. I’m very happy for you. Stay safe! Rosemary


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