August 15, 2018 Erie Canal Locks 27, 28, 30, & Fairport, NY

After two days rain, I left Lyons, NY in the morning with a destination of Fairport, NY. A twenty-six mile journey. There was lots of debris in the canal from all the rain. Newark, NY received four inches of rain and Fairport, NY received six inches of rain. The lock master at lock 30 advised me that there were trees across the canal near Newark at day marker 741. A microburst occurred the day before and snapped a section of trees across the canal. There was a maintenance crew clearing the trees when I approached the area. I had to squeeze through the cut-up floating trees as they bumped along the hull of the boat. There are no navigation charts for the Erie Canal from Lyons, NY to the western end of the canal where it terminates in Tonawanda, NY. The reason is because it’s a man-made ditch that is twelve feet deep and it was never charted. I use Google maps to navigate by roads and bridges but it’s really hard to get lost going west or east. I arrived in the town of Fairport, NY in the early afternoon. It’s one of the nicest town to visit on The Erie Canal. Everything you need is within a five minute walk of the beautiful public dock area. Train traffic here is relentless at all hours of the day and night. Lots of restored historical structures to see. Across from my boat was a boat from NH. The lady on a rented canal boat, next to me, grew up in Bradford, VT and her family was one of the first settlers in Fairlee, VT.

Photos of the day:

Down trees from a microburst thunderstorm on the Erie Canal.
Maintenance crew clearing the trees from the Erie Canal.
Fairpoint, NY Erie Canal public docking area
Main Street lift bridge in Fairport, NY. It lifts straight up like an elevator to allow boats to pass on the canal. Its  the only lift bridge in the world that is slanted an none of the angles on the structure are the same.

You can read about it here:

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