August 16 Erie Canal Lock 32,33 & Spencerport, NY.

Left Fairport, NY near noon time with a destination of Brockport, NY. A 32 mile run. I wanted to catch up to the Lois McClure Canal Schooner that is on tour with the Corning Glass Barge for four months.  You can read about it here:

The journey west on the canal to Lock 33 at Henrietta, NY was mostly farm fields and bike path that follows along side the canal. As I entered the lock, I noticed lots of debris from the last night’s rain floating in the lock.  Again, my engine started to overheat while waiting for the doors to open and let me proceed west.  I had to shut the engine down and have the lock master crew pull the boat out of the lock and tie it up at the dock. An hour later, I was one my way again after unplugging the water strainer to the water pump. At least its an easy fix.  You passed through a section of the canal known as the “Cut”. It’s about a four mile section where the canal had to be cut out of solid rock. You also cross the Genesee River that intersects the Erie Canal. The current can be as strong as eight miles an hour after a lot of rain. The Army Corps of Engineers will shut down traffic on the canal at this junction- if the current is too strong. Once pass this point, the canal water has very little debris and is much cleaner since you are west of the Genesee River that dumps a lot of debris and silt in to the canal.   I ended up in Spencerport, NY for the night- seven miles short of Brockport due to pending thunderstorms. Spencerport is a nice town with a very nice public dock area. An old trolley station has been moved near the docks and restored as part of a museum and visitors center.

Here are today’s photos:

Heritage trail that follows along side the Erie Canal.
Erie Canal section known as the “Cut”. Solid rock for about four miles that had to be removed.
Spencerport, NY Depot an Canal Museum at the public dock. It used to be a trolley station and then a private residence. Building was moved to its current location.
Inside the Depot. Some of the windows are original with the wavy glass.



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