August 17, 2018 Erie Canal Middleport, NY

Left Spencerport, NY while it was raining lightly. Destination today is Middleport, NY. A thirty-eight mile run. I passed by the Lois McClure schooner at Brockport, NY.  One of the crew members said they were there for the weekend and then at some point were headed to NY City. They left Vermont back in May.  I didn’t stop at Brockport because thunderstorms were expected in Middleport, NY later in the afternoon.  I reached Middleport, NY early afternoon. Tied up to the public dock just beyond the Main Street lift bridge for the night. I needed some wood glue to fix my binoculars holder. There was a restaurant called the Portside Cafe & Bakery, next to the dock, and a worker was out back smoking meats. He mentioned they give boaters free ice if you bring your own bag or cooler. I asked if he had any wood glue or where the nearest hardware store was in town. Nada, no glue on on hand per the meat smoker, but the dishwasher could give me a ride to the hardware store four miles away.  So the dishwasher drove me to the next town (Shelby, NY) to get some glue. On the way, Sandy (dishwasher) mentioned her husband died of cancer recently and she moved back to the area where she grew up. Her family and friends are still here. There is nothing better than experiencing the goodness and kindness of others. Back on the boat, I repaired the binocular holder and fixed the wiring on the automatic bilge pump that was causing the pump to operate intermittently (not a good thing when the boat is not occupied for long periods of time). I have thirty miles to go to reach the end of the Erie Canal. I have travelled four hundred and fifty-five miles to date.

Today’s photos:

Lois McClure with Corning Glass Barge and tug.
Main Street Lift Bridge at Middleport, NY

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