August 27- 29, 2018 Presque Isle Bay Erie, PA

Morning sunrise Presque Isle Bay in Erie, PA.
Sunset Presque Isle Bay in Erie, PA.
Sunset Presque Isle Bay in Erie, PA.

Yup, still anchored here at the State Park  inside Presque Isle Bay, Erie PA.  It truly is a protected area. I can tell when Lake Erie is rough because boats start taking refuge here. The weather (wind) is finally going to be favorable to leave and head west to Ashtabula, Ohio around noon on Thursday August 30th. The State park is quiet and too far from town to walk and the bus service stopped last week. I have spent the past four days cleaning Katrina II, organizing the cabin space, fixing the bathroom sink drain and faucet, drying out the anchor line, repairing the seat on the dinghy, cleaning its hull at the boat ramp, scrubbing Katrina’s hull, washing my laundry in a five gallon pail with a Tide pod and plumbers helper. Drying the clothes on a line strung along the port railing, wiring up my portable HAM radio, scrubbing  the decks,  and installing a 3 outlet 12 volt power pod for charging all the electronics. Started reading a book called “Two Years Before The Mast” It takes place in the 1800s about a young man who spent two years aboard a clipper ship and learned to be a seaman. Before the mast literally means the living quarters in the front of the ship.

I have been hanging out at the fuel dock of the Presque Isle State Park Marina. When I want to get off the boat for a while.  A father and son took over the business. The son, Max, is in his twenties and runs the business.  Dad and friends pitch in to cover the 12 hour 7 days a week schedule.  One of the friends, John, explained to me how to fish for walleye and brought me a setup to put on my fixing pole. Lake Erie happens to be the largest commercial perch (fish) industry in the world. Well, the walleye fish heard about that and moved to Lake Erie. You see, walleye like to feed on perch. Guess what happen to the walleye population in Lake Erie?  Not sure how it is going to turn out for the perch.



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