September 2-6, 2018 Lake Erie- Huron and Toledo, Ohio

I left Cleveland on the morning of September 2 with a 7 hour run to Huron, Ohio. Another day of wind on the bow making the day too long to sail and arrive in port by dark. As I motored along, there was a southwest wind blowing and the waves were less than 2 feet. It was hot and muggy! The trip was a pleasant journey as the bluffs along the south shoreline eventually evolved in to beach front properties. I arrived in Huron, Ohio late afternoon and was able to tie up at the city dock. The municipality has very nice accommodations at a reasonable rate of $25 for the night. My purpose of stopping in Huron was to visit with an old shipmate from the Navy. “Mac” lived about two and half miles directly on the main road from the marina. I haven’t been in touch with him for over thirty-eight years. Mac and I were on the same Navy ship back in 1972. I had been trying to reach him all week but no return call. With Katrina II all secured, I walked from the dock to Mac’s house in hot, muggy weather only to discover he was not home nor was his neighbors at home. I left a note in the door and walked back to the city dock. Along the way, I passed GMO corn fields. A special type of tractor had driven through the fields and gave the entire crop a hair cut just above the husks of corn. I was told that the GMO corn cannot reproduce so why waste the growth of the plant above the husks (instead we waste fuel for the tractor?). I ate dinner at a local pizza place, grabbed my laundry from the boat, and walked another half mile to the finest laundromat I have ever been in. I’m not a fan of laundromats but this one was exceptional.

September 3, 2018. Left Huron the next morning for a nine hour run to Toledo, Ohio. Passed the Cedar Point Amusement park that seemed to have an endless supply of roller coasters. Twenty-five miles from Toledo is a place called Put-In-Bay. It is a popular spot with boaters and tourists. The bay is where Commodore Perry put the British ships he captured on Lake Erie during the war of 1812. There is also 352 foot tall monument commenerating Commodore Perry and International Peace. I was twenty miles from Toledo when the cell phone rang. It was my shipmate “Mac” calling to say he was in a hospital in Cleveland. Wish I had known that when I was in Cleveland! I motored up a very long channel and arrived in Toledo, Ohio. The Toledo Yacht Club accepts transient boaters and I tied up there for the next few days. The Toledo Yacht club was established in 1865. A pleasant place with a friendly and accommodating staff.

September 4 & 5, 2018. I rented a car from Enterprise (they pick you up and bring you back for free) and drove two hours back to Cleveland to see my shipmate, “Mac”. We spent the next twenty-four hours in the hospital catching up on thirty-eight years of life’s events. Mac was discharged from the hospital the next day and I drove him home to Huron, Ohio. Mac brought me to a place where you can get a fresh yellow perch sandwich right off the fishing boat. The yellow perch and chips were delicious! We sat in the car and ate while staring out at Lake Erie. Back at his house, I visited with Mac and his wife, Lisa, for a few hours and then drove back to Toledo in the early evening. The next morning, September 6, I picked up some supplies and returned the rental car. I had hoped to leave and head for Detroit but thunderstorms were in the forecast. I was not anxious to get caught in another thunderstorm on the last leg of Lake Erie before entering the Detroit River. It’s a nine hour journey to Detroit. I will leave early on Friday, September 7, and spend the weekend in Detroit visiting the Henry Ford Museum.


Cedar Point Amusement Park, Cedar Point, Ohio
Huron Boat Basin (City of Huron runs it) Huron, Ohio
Notice the the curfew for minors under 16 – Huron Ohio.
Huron Lakeshore Laundry- Huron, Ohio
Rogue seagull that kept all other birds away from the car while we ate fresh yellow perch sandwiches and fries. Yes, I gave it a piece of fish and French fry- Lake Erie, Huron- Ohio.
Guess they don’t want you driving your snowmobile on the golf course in the summer while you are golfing- Toledo, Ohio

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